The Yarn Garden is where we make beautiful things to knit, crochet, spin, weave, or felt. The fibers we carry are sourced in the United States, often from our local sheep and alpaca farms in Ohio. Our Goal is to help you enjoy creativity in your own way. We would love suggestions and feedback from you in order to make this a place that you can be safe, comfortable, and enjoy the creative vibe!

Fleece Processing

I am thinking of offering Fleece Processing as one of our services. The cost would involve a per grease weight pound charge and Spinning of the roving would be extra. The processing would involve washing the fleece probably several times, picking, carding & combing into a batt. Dizzing the fiber into a roving will be included in the spinning fee. The spinning fee would depend on how much fiber is produced from the processing & how many skeins & what type of yarn you would want. For example:

Fleece weight with grease in it: (raw) 3 lb x $15 = $45

plus Dizzing & spinning double ply worsted approx 6? skeins $ 50

plus shipping based on weight ? 1.5 lbs ? $10?

Please let me know what you think of this….I am very interested in your input!!!